As we are still cleaning up the mess that hurricane Irma left us, Dr. Daryoush Zafar, Naples Board Certified Foot and Ankle Surgeon offers advice for everyone involved in the clean up.
“Proper shoe gear is very important when clearing tree branches and debris. You have to make sure you are protecting your feet. There are a lot of sharp objects on the ground. We frequently see wood splinters in feet, toenail damage, rusty nail puncture wounds and multiple other injuries to foot and ankle.” Explains Dr. Zafar. “Rusty nail punctures can be very serious and need to be treated immediately by a physician.”

Other common injuries are abrasion to feet and legs from thorny bushes and plants.
Due to sever flooding, a lot of people had to wade in flood water which in itself can cause bacterial and fungal skin infection. “Your feet are very vulnerable to flood water, especially, contaminated flood water.” Explains Dr. Zafar Early signed of skin infections is redness, swelling and pain. If you have any of these symptoms please consult a physician as soon as possible.Finally, going up and down on ladders can be hazardous. “It is a very common to injury tendons in the feet and leg going up or down on a ladder because your exerting great force on your tendons.” related Dr. Zafar. Signs of tendon injury is very settle, it can be swelling, pain and or difficulty bending your foot or ankle. A lot of people with tendon injury does not feel pain immediately. Instead, the pain starts after 12 to 24 hours. It is important not to ignore the condition.


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