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Heel Pain and the Holidays

Heel Pain and the Holidays

Heel Pain and the Holidays

  Heel Pain and the Holidays

Heel Pain and the Holidays, sounds catchy right? Couldn’t be further from the truth..



Heel Pain

Heel Pain is one of the most common ailments that Foot and Ankle professionals encounter on a daily basis. Add in the holidays, with excessive standing over a hot stove, greeting family, and the up and down movements to and from the base of the Christmas tree; makes anyone a prime candidate for experiencing heel pain.

Heel Pain is a very treatable ailment of the foot and ankle. With that being said heel pain can range from being a simple issue to much more complex. The number of components in the region of where one would be experiencing their heel pain are vast and shouldn’t be overlooked when addressing ones pain.

The Heel itself is widely viewed as a singular entity while unbeknownst to most there are a what causes plantar fasciitisnumber of functions and physical components that make up the heel region. The most common structures in relation to the heel are the Calcaneus (Heel Bone), the Plantar Fascia (the band of connective tissue on the bottom of the foot running from base of heel into forefoot), and the Posterior Tibial Tendon and related nerve (This tendon and nerve run down from the inside edge of the ankle behind the ankle bone and help to connect the ankle and foot together).

Heel Pain and the HolidaysAll of the above noted structures can individually become injured or even aid in causing a neighboring structure to become aggravated. Nevertheless whether the cause of your pain turns out to be a fractured calcaneus, a bout with Plantar Fasciitis, or the inflammation and entrapment of the Posterior Tibial Nerve, please take the time to consult a Foot and Ankle Specialist to further evaluate and treat your ailment and get you back to feeling great.

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