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Ankle and Foot Care Specialists

At SWFL Ankle and Foot Specialists we stop at nothing when utilizing the most advanced techniques in our field to get you back on your feet faster than ever. Our physicians have been practicing the care of everything below the knee for over 20 years in our area. The top Ankle and Foot Group in our area.

Internal Medicine

Internal Medicine / Family Practice physicians are among the most important medical proffesionals to have in your arsenal. Between monitoring your overall health, annual imunizations, and emergent issues that may arise. We can aid you in maintaining a healthy lifestyle.


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At SWFL Ankle and Foot Care Specialists, and Associates in Medicine and Surgery we work together to get you back on your feet and functioning pain free.

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We are one of the largest multi specialty groups in the Southwest Florida area.

Our sole focus is to provide exceptional care to all of our patients with the most advanced technologies, procedures, and strategies available.

Ankle and Foot / Podiatry

We have 15 Ankle and Foot Specialists spread across the SWFL area to better serve our patients. Our Ankle and Foot specialists perform more ankle and foot specific surgeries than any other group in the area. From Bunions, Hammertoes, Fracture Fixation, Ingrown Toenails, Diabetic Footcare, and Woundcare, to Strains, Sprains, Tendonitis, and all varieties of aches and pains. In the end we are the premier group of Ankle and Foot specialists in the area. 

Internal Medicine / Family Practice

Jerilee Lomas, DO and her full staff work tirelessly to diagnose, treat and help maintain overall wellness of any patient that walks through thier doors. Dr. Lomas is located in the Lehigh Acres area of SWFL and welcomes you to her prectice.


Cutting edge Medicine availible for you!

From the process of diagnoses, to the treatment of your aches and pains, we can get it done!

Digital Xray

Every one of our offices utilizes either Computerized Radiographic images, or full Digital Radiographic images. Offering clear and concise images to base diagnoses.

MRI imaging

We offer an in house extremity MRI machine that in most cases allows our patients to avoid the struggles of a traditional MRI tunnel.

Nerve Conduction Studies / Electromyography

We offer in house evaluations of the Nerves and Muscles of the upper and lower extremities. This allows us to further develop insight into what could be the culprit of your pain.

Hand Held portable Ultrasound

The Phillips Lumify Ultrasound is cutting edge in Diagnostic handheld ultrasounds. We can view soft tissue, vascular, and bone on our tablet based handheld ultrasounds.

Newest Treatments

With the ever evolving climate of medicine it is important for us to make available to our patients the most advanced treatment options.

Regenerative Medicine

As more and more data is emerging on the benefits of Regenerative Medicine therapies you can assume we are here and ready to educate and deliver some of the most highly tested and greatest result yielding Regerative products, and application techniques around.

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New Treatments for Fungal Nails

We have partnered with Path Scientific to offer new treatments in the never ending quest to get rid of unsightly fungal toe nails. See our Blog for more info.

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RFA (Radio Frequency Ablation)

Our Pain Management group utilizes the latest and most advanced Stryker RFA technology. The first in our area to offer this technology.


Take a look at some of our physicians and staff.


You’re in good hands

Don’t take our word for it – here’s what our patients say:

Doctor Zafar what can I say about his surgical skills. The confidence and professional manner he displays is second to none

Salvatore M.

Thank you for all of your assistance, consideration and kindness. Each time I come in you are all so friendly, caring and helpful. I truly appreciate everything you have done for me. I can wear high heels again!

Teresa K.

This is the first medical professional that finally got to the bottom of what was causing the pain in my knee!!! The week following my first procedure I was finally able to walk outside, bike, go back to the gym… Carry on with everything I used to do. I’m beyond thrilled with the results I’ve had with this office. The entire staff is terrific! Dr. Lockhart is so patient and kind. A wonderful person!!!

Leslie V.

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New Treatments for THICK, PAINFUL, FUNGAL Toenails.

New Treatments for THICK, PAINFUL, FUNGAL Toenails.

Ralph Lerman, DPM has partnered with Path Scientific to offer a new innovative approach to treating THICK FUNGAL Toenails. Path Scientific Path Scientific’s technology is based upon electrical impedance controlled[…]

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Diabetes And How It Affects Our Feet

Diabetes And How It Affects Our Feet

Diabetes related foot problems Having Diabetes can be dangerous to your Feet, even a small cut could have serious consequences. Diabetes may cause nerve damage that takes away the feeling[…]

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Talking Heel Pain, and Hammertoes with Dr. Barbounis.

Talking Heel Pain, and Hammertoes with Dr. Barbounis.

Heel Pain – Hammertoes   The Heel bone, also known as the “Calcaneus” is the largest bone in the foot and is located in the rear of the foot. The[…]

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