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Here is what patients are saying about Dr. Lockhart

Here is what patients are saying about Dr. Lockhart

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DeWayne Lockhart, MD
Fellowship Trained in Interventional Pain Management

“I was very impressed by the knowledge of Dr. Lockhart, the patience plus the confident each of his staff provided me. Excellent job! In two weeks, I’m free of pain and discomfort. Thank you!”
Rosalba C.

“I had my first stimulator put on in January of this year (2015) and just had my 7th dose. I have been able to reduce my pain meds and increase my activities. What a great feeling!”
Donald M.

“Excellent. Ok…So I’m home now after RFA with Dr. Lockhart “Associates In Medicine & Surgery.” After years of pain in the left leg & lower back, especially in the last year & unbearable in the last month, I quite honestly wanted to die. I couldn’t do the things I wanted, nursing, singing, standing and dancing were so painful I just wanted each hour, day, week, & month to end. No pain concoction would work. Steroid injections, PE, Yoga, turmeric, pain meds, glucosamine, fish oil, strontium, pickle juice, jalapeno juice & I even lost 90+ lbs. $30K in the last 2 years. Last week Dr. Lockhart did a diagnostic nerve block & today RFA (Radiation Frequency Ablation) I have zero pain & feel great. If you are suffering, please see Dr. Lockhart. I am living proof.”
Darci U.

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