Doctors of Associates in Medicine and Surgery Provide The Highest Level of Care with Kindness and Compassion

Associates in Medicine and Surgery is a group of dedicated doctors specializing in interventional pain management, foot and ankle surgery and internal medicine.  Our practitioners provide the most innovative, comprehensive and effective care focused on eliminating your pain, improving your neuropathy and managing your overall health. Our interventional pain management specialists provide world class care for all types of muscle-skeletal pain, arthritis, back pain, spine care, tendonitis and tendon injuries and neuropathy.

Our world class surgically trained podiatrist provide a large array surgical and non-surgical treatment options for all your foot, ankle and leg ailments. Our doctors can treat just about any condition you are suffering from. Whether you have a major injury and fractures, arthritis, infection, diabetic ulcer, skin conditions, bunion deformity, hammertoes, heel pain or simply an ingrown toenail, our doctors are here to take care of you. Our doctors have many years clinical experience in their field with outstanding reputation in Southwest Florida. Our physicians actively take call and provide 24/7 consultation and emergency care through our the local hospitals in Southwest Florida. We are on staff at Lee Memorial Health System Hospitals, NCH and North Collier Hospitals, Physician Regional Medical Center in Pine Ridge and Collier Blvd, Lehigh Acres Regional Medical Center and Charlotte Regional Hospital.

Our internal medicine and family medicine providers provide a comprehensive care for your overall health and manage diabetes, hypertension or any other chronic and acute health condition you’re suffering.

Our world class doctors’ high standard of care is complemented by availability of a full array of laboratory and diagnostic testing. Most of the diagnostic testing is provided conveniently near you in one of our 18 office locations. We provide digital x-rays, ultrasound, venous and arterial duplex doppler, Electromyogram and Nerve Conduction Study (EMG and NCV), and Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI).

What makes us different is our highest level of personal care, kindness and compassion.

We believe that your health deserves the best care.

We offer same day appointments and will see walk-ins. We accept medicare, private insurance, HMOs, workers compensation and self pay.