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5 Foot Problems Men Should Never Ignore

5 Foot Problems Men Should Never Ignore

5 Foot Problems Men Should Never Ignore


Feet are the Rodney Dangerfield of body parts; they get no respect.

That’s especially true for men’s feet. Men often resist going to the doctor when they’re sick or in pain. But most foot conditions are treatable, and easier to treat, when diagnosed early.

Heel pain is often caused by tissue inflammation called plantar fasciitis, but can also result from a broken bone, a tight Achilles tendon, a pinched nerve, or other problem. Only a foot and ankle physician, such as, a podiatrist knows how to properly diagnose and treat the true cause of heel pain.

Ankle sprains always, always, always require a prompt visit to the doctor. Men who skip out on medical care are more likely to suffer repeated ankle sprains and then develop chronic ankle instability. Tendon and ligament injuries are often not seen in x-ray alone.

Big toe stiffness and pain also known as “Hallux Limitus”  develops slowly over time, as cartilage in the big toe joint wears down. This problem is very common among athletes often due “turf toe” injury. This eventually leads to arthritis. The sooner a man has this diagnosed, the easier it is to treat.

Achilles tendonitis usually develops from a sudden increase in physical activity, such as when men play weekend sports. Chances of an Achilles tendon rupture can be reduced by treatment of the symptoms of Achilles tendonitis: pain and tenderness on the back of the foot or heel.

Ingrown toenails can pierce the skin, open the door for bacteria to enter the body, and convince some men to perform dangerous “bathroom surgery.” Few men know that our doctors can perform a very quick procedure that will end the pain and permanently cure an ingrown toenail.

Whether its heel pain, achilles tendonitis, ingrown toenail or any other foot, ankle and leg pain you can contact our offices through out Southwest Florida and seen immediately by one of our highly qualified physicians. (239) 481-7000 or www.aimsfl.com

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